Your sofa is always the centerpiece of any room, so when you buy a new one it is an important decision. At Garden City Furniture we want to make sure you get the sofa that best meets your needs and budget. Our friendly associates know our sofa products inside and out and are trained to help you select the product you want…not the product we want to sell. Here are some tips we share with Garden City Furniture sofa shoppers:

  • If you like patterns and prints, look for fabric with them woven into it. A printed pattern will fade and won’t wear as well as a woven pattern/print.
  • Before buying a couch, ask the salesperson for a swatch of the upholstery it has. Bring it home and look at it in the space you are going to put the couch in. You should also look at it in natural and artificial light. If you still like it after a few days, consider buying that couch.
  • Sit on the edges and corners of the couch. If you hear a squeak or creak, the springs are probably broken, incorrectly installed, or hitting the frame. Do not buy a couch that squeaks.
  • To test the strength of the frame, lift one side about 6 inches (15.2 cm) off the ground. The other leg should have risen on its own. If the leg on the other side is still touching the ground the frame is weak.


Garden City Furniture has been bringing the latest fashions and quality furniture to the families of Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area since the early 50’s. Our professional associates will help you shop for the living room, dining room and bedroom furniture you want and give you complete information so you can make an informed decision. When you’re ready to begin your next furniture project, be sure to visit our showroom to get started.