With miles of beautiful beaches and an endless array of activities for all ages, Garden City Beach draws in families from all across America. The result is a cultural hotspot with artistry and talent that reflects individual experiences with a relaxed style and costal twist.

The inlet meets the ocean in the Garden City Beach, making it a hot spot for fishing, crabbing, and water sports. You can rent jet skis or surf boards for some action-packed fun, or you can also rent canoes to enjoy the ocean at a slower-pace. Our beautiful golf courses are also very popular among people of all ages. Garden City Beach also features a marina where boaters often stop to visit our local restaurants, shopping, and live music during the summer evenings. The arcade is a must after a long day soaking in the sun.

One of our most popular events is the 4th of July golf cart parade. For 30 years, families have been decorating their golf carts with patriotic style to celebrate the nation’s independence. You will also experience unforgettable sunsets along the marsh side, or you can visit the southern end of Garden City Beach for a leisurely stroll along Creek Walk. There are some incredible restaurants nearby where you’ll enjoy fresh seafood plus incredible beachside views.

Our costal community values quality of life and simple pleasures. Whether you’re a permanent resident or a seasonal visitor of our resort town, you’ll love the Southern Hospitality offered in all of the restaurants and businesses in Garden City, and you’ll treasure time spent here with loved ones.

As one of twelve distinct communities that make up the Grand Strand, there is always plenty to do in the surrounding areas, including Surfside Beach and Myrtle Beach. If you’re looking for a night on the town or quick day trip, Myrtle Beach is only 10 miles south. However, we prefer the slower pace and relaxing beaches of Garden City for our day-to-day activities.