How to Properly Furnish a Small Living Room

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It can be seemingly impossible to furnish a small living room in an apartment, condo, or small home. You want all the comfort and amenities, but you also want to avoid a crowded, cluttered look.

5 Simple Ways to Transform Your Bedroom

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At Garden City Furniture, we love to help our guests find the perfect bedroom furniture and decor! We think that the bedroom is always a fun project because it can reflect the needs and tastes

How to Shop for TV Stands in Garden City Beach

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Entertainment centers and TV stands often present a challenge for everyone, including professional home designers! After all, all living rooms need a TV stand but you don't want it to take over the room or

New homeowner? Do these four things to be organized from the start

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Owning a new home is an exciting time... but it's also overwhelming. On one hand you get to explore the new space and try out different furniture arrangements until you find the perfect layout, but