How to Shop for TV Stands in Garden City Beach

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Entertainment centers and TV stands often present a challenge for everyone, including professional home designers! After all, all living rooms need a TV stand but you don't want it to take over the room or

Picking the right sheets is a key to better sleep

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It’s easy to overlook the importance of the sheets you put on your mattress as a key to your overall sleep comfort.  They seem like an afterthought once you have gone through the process of

New homeowner? Do these four things to be organized from the start

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Owning a new home is an exciting time... but it's also overwhelming. On one hand you get to explore the new space and try out different furniture arrangements until you find the perfect layout, but

Make your home office feel like…home!

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More and more people, either entrepreneurs or part of flexible organizations, are working from home.  It can lead to increased productivity, improved family care and cost savings for individual and company alike.   At Garden

How Adjustable Bases Can Alleviate 5 Health Concerns

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Adjustable beds are not just accessories that make it easier to read or watch TV in the bedroom, they are tools that can help alleviate common sleep problems and provide long-term health benefits. An adjustable