Create a calming retreat for yourself in the master bedroom or decorate a bedroom where your children can express their individuality. Whatever the age, you’ll find inspiration to paint, furnish and accessorize the perfect bedroom for everyone in your family!

A Master Bedroom Makeover

Before you begin, it helps to decide what style you want to focus on for the master bedroom. This doesn’t have to be a hard rule to follow, but knowing whether you prefer a clean, contemporary oasis or a cozy, traditional space will give you a good place to begin.

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Now that you know which furniture designs you like best, you’re ready to select paint colors and accessories. If you want a glamorous, contemporary bedroom, go bold with shades of black, gray, dark blue, and purple. For a cottage style or rustic farmhouse decor, we suggest calming shades of blue and yellow. If you choose a dark wood headboard, consider using a light paint color that contrasts with it. Upholstered headboards are also popular options for contemporary bedrooms!

Finally, treat yourself to some fun accessories. Lamps, mirrors, pillows and bedding are all functional parts of a bedroom that can be fun as well! Ditch the standard mirror and opt for one with a unique frame, or group several different mirrors for a contemporary twist on the traditional gallery wall. Select artistic lamp shades and bases to place on the nightstand so you’ll have easy access for late night reading.

If you are working with a small bedroom, try using a full or queen size bed instead of a king. Also, invest in a dresser with lots of drawers so that you can have plenty of storage and can forgo a chest or second dresser.

A Multi-Purpose Teen Sanctuary

Whether your teenager uses their bedroom for studying, hanging out, or just sleeping in, chances are they spend quite a bit of time there! That means they’ll need it to be fully equipped with a bed, nightstand, desk, and dresser. Thankfully Garden City Furniture has your back with inexpensive youth twin and full beds in all shapes and colors!

Once your teen room has all the basics, you can help them decorate with colorful accent pillows and curtains. A bookcase or shelf is a great idea for a teenager’s bedroom because it provides extra storage for books and sports memorabilia. Plus, teen girls love to display photos of their friends, so make sure there are plenty of frames or cork boards hanging on the walls!

Need more design ideas? Ask your teenager what their favorite movies and bands are. Let them express their unique tastes to make their room feel personalized. Your teenage girl will probably want to pick out her own paint colors, and you can let her as long as she’s willing to help do the work!

Another way to incorporate something meaningful in a teen bedroom is to have their old tee shirts made into a quilt to put at the foot of the bed. This way they’ll be able to remember their first concert and little league team without wasting space in their closets! After all, we don’t want them to grow up too fast!

Space to Grow – A Bedroom for the Kids

Planning a nursery for your newborn or making room for their first big kid bed is exciting! Just remember that you want this to be a soothing place where your child can get the rest they need to grow big and strong.

First, visit Garden City Furniture to get bedroom ideas and shop affordable kids furniture. Whether you want a princess style bedroom for your little girl or a timeless design that will work well for both boys and girls, Garden City Furniture has the can help you find the perfect fit!

Then, focus on adding patterns with beautiful drapes and cozy throw blankets. A simple polka dot or checked pattern can add a lot to the bedroom while still being simple and elegant. As the kids get older, let them help you choose coverlets and bedding so they can feel involved. Someday you’ll both look back fondly on their choices!

A child’s bedroom is also a great place for a small playroom. Shelves can house picture books and a toy chest can give your child a place to store their toys at the end of the night. Having a place for your kid to put away their things will help them learn good behaviors like cleaning up after themselves or reading a book before light’s out.

Your family spends a lot of time in the bedroom while they sleep, play, or simply relax at the end of a long day. You deserve to have a relaxing space that you love and that makes you feel refreshed. So whether you need just the right piece to complete your bedroom or you are looking for complete bedroom package sets, Garden City Furniture in South Carolina can help you find an affordable option for every style!